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What is a proxy? It's a service that fetches web pages requested by users, attempts to modify all references to other resources within those web pages to preserve its users' anonymity, then forwards the pages to its users.

How does it benefit users? It allows them to view web pages from locations that they otherwise may not be able to due to firewalls and other filtering systems between them and the resource they are attempting to view. It also allows a degree of anonymity - in most cases the web server will not be able to identify the proxy user, it will see the proxy itself as the user.

Who needs to use it? Anyone whose access to a web resource they want to view is blocked by a filter. This may be in a workplace where a blacklist prevents access to sites like Facebook and YouTube, or a school or university with stringent filters in place preventing social networking. Anyone who requires anonymous browsing of sites, where for example logged IP addresses may prevent further access to special offers. And finally, with URL encryption enabled, anyone who wants to ensure that third party logging of visited sites doesn't give away their secrets.

Welcome to Cogs' Secure Australian Proxy.
Use it as you please, and if you have any problems with the service please let me know.


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This proxy is hosted on a secure server, therefore traffic between the proxy and you is encrypted and secure. However traffic between the requested website and the proxy only offers the same security level as the site. A totally secure transfer is only available when browsing secure sites. Online Web Proxy List

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